Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Date: Dec 10 (Friday)

Time: 09:30-12:30 TST / 10:30-13:30 JST


Time (in Taiwan) Time (in Japan) Schedule
09:30-09:45 10:30-10:45 Opening Remarks (Prof. Yamauchi and Prof. Chen)
09:45-10:45 10:45-11:45

Session 1 Interdisciplinary Research

UTokyo III: Prof. Miles Pennington
Title:Science x Design – An Introduction to the activities of the DLX Design Lab

NTU D-School: Prof. Kuei-Yuan Chan
Title: The quest of the future at NTU

UTokyo III: Prof. Takuji Narumi
Title: Designing Ourselves with Virtual Reality

NTU D-School: Prof. Shenglin E. Chang
Title: Living Laboratory for rural aging social design: A case study of Yunlin County in Taiwan

(10min Talk + 5min Q&A)

10:50-11:50 11:50-12:50

Session 2 Interdisciplinary Education

UTokyo III: Prof. Hidenori Watanave
Title:”Stock to Flow”: Pluralistic Digital Archives Series

NTU D-School: Prof. Shi-Wei Chu
Title: Design thinking course series

UTokyo III: Prof. Soichiro Takagi
Title:Technology and economics: transformation of economic systems through disruptive innovations

NTU D-School: Prof. Ruby Yun-Ju Huang & Prof. Shuwei Huang
Title: NTU Plus
1. Redesign the curriculums with fieldwork thinking
2.Designing Asia’s first gen ed course on menstruation

(10min Talk + 5min Q&A)

11:50-12:20 12:50-13:20 Discussion
12:20-12:30 13:20-13:30 Closing

Note: This session is not open to public.