Cooperation in Agriculture towards the Post-Corona Era

Date: Dec 9 (Thursday)

Time: 09:30-11:10 TST / 10:30-12:10 JST


Time (in Taiwan) Time (in Japan) Schedule
09:30-09:40 10:30-10:40 Opening Remarks
  • Dean Nobuhiro TSUTSUMI (UTokyo)
  • Dean Huu-Sheng LUR (NTU)
09:40-09:45 10:40-10:45 Group Photo *screenshot
09:45-11:05 10:45-12:05

Faculty Speeches

  • Associate Professor Hiroyoshi IWATA (UTokyo)
    Data scientific methods and technologies for accelerating plant breeding 
  • Professor Shih-Shun LIN (NTU)
    AI application in transcriptomic analysis for biotechnology
  • Associate Professor Tsuguyuki SAITO (UTokyo)
    Cellulose nanofiber: a wood-derived versatile building block
  • Associate Professor Feng-Cheng CHANG (NTU)
    Technical lignins: currently underestimated but prospective bioresources
11:05-11:10 12:05-12:10

Closing Remarks

  • Vice Dean Toru FUJIWARA (UTokyo)
  • Vice Dean Je-Ruei LIU (NTU)

Note: This session is not open to public.