NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding

Due to the ongoing mobility challenges, the NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding will not call for proposal for 2022. The next expected call for proposal may be in late 2022, for projects in 2023.

The below information on 2021 call for proposal is provided for your reference.

2021 NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding

Purpose: To promote partnership between National Taiwan University and University of Bordeaux, the NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding was established for faculty from the two universities to jointly apply for funding to further develop collaborations.

Funding period: January to December 31, 2021.

Funding Information

Funding items: The funding shall be used for international travel and events.

Funding amount: NTU shall provide up to TWD200,000, UBx shall provide up to EUR6,000 per selected proposal.

Funding origin (NTU): Ministry of Education Higher Education Sprout Project (please follow relevant regulation for reimbursement).

Application Information

Application period: September 22 to October 31, 2020.

Eligibility: There should be one principle investigator each from NTU and UBx. Principle investigator shall be full-time faculty and will continue to be full-time faculty throughout the funding period.

To apply: Application materials should be submitted online.

    1. Please carefully go through the Call for Proposal for application requirements.
    2. Please complete the application form and upload the form with other required documents onto the application webpage at UBx.
    3. Full application must be uploaded and submitted by October 31, 2020.


    • NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding – Call for Proposals (2021)
    • NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding – Application Form (Word / OpenDocument)

Coordinator Information

Global Engagement, Office of International Affairs
Shirly Chang