NTU International Collaboration Seed Funding

In order to strengthen international academic collaboration, National Taiwan University (NTU) identified 7 strategic partners in 2016 and established the Strategic Partnership Seed Funding. In 2020, the funding was renamed to International Collaboration Seed Funding and tailored to reflect the NTU’s strategic partners. Currently, the International Collaboration Seed Funding hopes to encourage and support bilateral, initial academic collaboration and mobility between NTU and its strategic partners that has yet to form joint funding.

International Collaboration Seed Funding Partner Universities

University of Tokyo

University of Tsukuba

Cornell University

Northwestern University

University of Rochester

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Texas at Austin

University of Hamburg

University of Grenoble Alpes

Joint Seed Funding

In addition to the International Collaboration Seed Funding, NTU developed joint funding with 4 strategic partners (University of Sydney, University of Bordeaux, Kyoto University, and Tel Aviv University), exhibiting both universities’ dedication for their partnership between faculties and students.

Joint Seed Funding Partners

NTU-USYD Partnership Collaboration Award since 2017

NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding since 2021

NTU-KU Joint Funding since 2022

NTU-TAU Joint Seed Funding since 2024

Application Period

FundingApplication Period
2024 International Collaboration
Seed Funding
2023 Summer (Dates TBD)
2024 NTU-USYD PCA2023 Fall (Dates TBD)
2024 NTU-UBx Joint Seed Funding2023 Fall (Dates TBD)
2023 NTU-KU Joint FundingDec. 1, 2022 – Jan. 13, 2023
2024 NTU-TAU Joint Seed Funding2023 Fall (Dates TBD)