National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Please find below a list of Global Learning Initiatives Program courses offered by National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). You can click on the course syllabus link for more detailed information on each course. For inquiries about the courses, please refer to the bottom of the page for program coordinator contact information at NYCU.

ID Course Name Details
Semiconductor Optoelectronics
  • Number of Course Hours: 51
  • Course Date: Sep 2021 – Jan 2022
  • Course Time: Thursday 9:00-12:00 (Taipei)
  • Class Size: To be announced
  • Student Quota: 20
  • Targeted Students: Third and Fourth Year of Bachelor Students, Master and Doctoral (PhD) Students
  • Suggested Proficiency: Basic knowledge of Semiconductor Physics / Materials
  • Course Syllabus
Comparative Health Law
  • Number of Course Hours: 36
  • Course Date: Sep 17 – Jan 14
  • Course Time: Friday 13:10-15:20 (Taipei)
  • Class Size: 40
  • Student Quota: 10
  • Targeted Students:  Bachelor, Master and Doctoral (PhD)
  • Suggested Proficiency: Prior knowledge to basic Law, including torts and contracts is favorable but not required
  • Course Syllabus
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and The Rule of Law
  • Number of Course Hours: 38
  • Course Date: Sep 1 – Jan 15 
  • Course Time: Asynchronous
  • Class Size: No limit
  • Student Quota: No limit
  • Targeted Students:  Bachelor, ​Master and Doctoral (PhD)
  • Suggested Proficiency: Prior study of the law in any jurisdiction is favorable, but not required. 
  • Course Syllabus
Engineering Mathematics I (Differential Equation)
  • Number of Course Hours: 48
  • Course Date: Sep 14 – Dec 29
  • Course Time: Asynchronous
  • Class Size: 50
  • Student Quota: 6
  • Targeted Students:  Bachelor only
  • Suggested Proficiency: Basic knowledge to Calculus
  • Course Syllabus
Behavioral Dentistry
  • Number of Course Hours: 30
  • Course Date: Sep 16 – Dec 23
  • Course Time: Asynchronous
  • Class Size: 20
  • Student Quota: 5 
  • Targeted Students:  Bachelor and Master only
  • Suggested Proficiency: Basic knowledge to Dentistry
  • Course Syllabus
Characterization and Analysis of Polymer
  • Number of Course Hours: 54
  • Course Date: Sep 2021 – Jan 2022
  • Course Time: Tuesday 9:00-12:00 (Taipei)
  • Class Size: 60
  • Student Quota: No limit
  • Targeted Students:  Bachelor, Master and Doctoral (PhD)
  • Suggested Proficiency: None
  • Course Syllabus

Notes for Inbound Students

  • Admission: Students recommended by the home university will usually be accepted by the course-offering university; however, the host university reserves the right to make the final admission decision.
  • Course Schedule: The time zone and course time may be different from your home university. Please check the course syllabus carefully and confirm that the syllabus fits your study plan. If you are attending an asynchronous course, you may need to attend online discussion meetings at appointed time and date.
  • Course Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw a course, please notify the course professor and Ms. Iris Chuang  and Ms. Katie Lai within the withdrawal period. And please note that the course will show a “W” on your transcript.
  • Transcript and Credit Transfer: At the end of the semester, we will send the official transcript directly to your home university. Please follow the guidelines at your home university for credit transfer procedure. If the official transcript is not delivered successfully within 2 months after the semester ends, please email your inquiry to Ms. Iris Chuang  for more assistance.

NYCU Coordinator Contact Information
Katie LAI (Ms.)

Office of International Affairs 國際事務處

+886 (0) 3 5712121 #50665